About Us

Welcome to BezaTube the home of Christian Videos. We are one of the largest online video sharing platform, where you can watch and share unlimited Christian videos across various genres and categories for FREE!


Our mission is to be the most credible and welcoming Christian video sharing platforms that brings people from all walk of life connected by the love of Christ.


BezaTube is the product of our collective passion to serve the Christian community by allowing Christians like you to better express themselves by watching and sharing their favorite videos such as:

  • Sermons
  • Inspirational videos
  • Life lessons
  • Drama
  • Comedy Sketches
  • Music videos
  • Songs and
  • Any other video content that is close to their heart

 At BezaTube you can also find the latest and most popular events happening around the world that we curate daily for your pleasure. 


If you have a significant update that you want to share on BezaTube, the process is simple.

  1. Just click on the “Submit Video Button” which is at the top of the homepage and
  2. Fill-out the provided form by entering your name, email, post title, post URl, attaching your video file, post description, tags and choosing the right category that you think is suitable for your video.
  3. Hit send and we will immediately receive your entry at our end
  4. Our team of experts will then review your content, and if we find it fit for the platform, we will share it with the world on BezaTube.

BezaTube is all about coming together and becoming a part of a community that shares your love for Jesus Christ. 

Go ahead and explore the incredible world of BezaTube and prepared to be amazed.

BezaTube – Saved By The Grace God!



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